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In the context of the last century, rural tourism has emerged as a form of tourism that is becoming increasingly important in the industry worldwide. The various new lifestyles, an evolving and more informed tourist behavior and the newfound desire for different traveling experiences coupled with a widespread concern for the cultural heritage, environment and sustainable development are all elements that have contributed tremendously to the expansion of this type of tourism.

Rural tourism is a niche that revolves around resources and exists in a relation of co-dependence with the natural and human potential. Therefore, sustainable development in this field in not only a trend but rather a necessity.
The target group that the project ETMRA is addressing is represented by individuals working in rural tourism facilities such as agro tourism accommodation units and B&Bs.

The objectives of the project ETMRA are:
- to develop a set of tools, instruments, techniques and methods that will develop and support the rural tourism marketing skills of individuals working in rural tourism facilities such as agro tourism accommodation units, in their professional activities;
-to enhance the professional key competences and abilities in rural tourism marketing of individuals working in rural tourism facilities.

The project "Empowerment of Tourism Marketing in Rural Areas" is designed to support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences in the field of marketing for rural tourism in order to determine socio-educational and personal development and to foster employability of participants.
The project results are designed to help participants acquire new skills in the field of marketing, communication and digital literacy, skills aligned with the needs of a digital era, to develop critical thinking and creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. The project is designed to support work based learning and it promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between several fields such as : marketing, psychology, communication and PR, technology, tourism management, thus ensuring a high permeability between different educational pathways and also ensuring the results` transferability.

As an added value, the project "Empowerment of Tourism Marketing in Rural Areas" is helping the participants develop key competences that can be used to promote the values of European cultural heritage and therefore to raise awareness of its importance. This kind of promotion can become an invaluable tool for integration, inclusion, stability and unity in Europe and the project ETMRA is aiming not only to develop rural tourism marketing skills and to educate the individuals involved in this field but also to perfect these tools and reveal the potential as key instruments for the development of a local, national and European Identity.

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